Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gift ideas for Christmas...

A report from our DFW correspondent, my old partner Skipper, with whom I share the honor of being the Frostbite Tournament Champion at Walden on Lake Conroe in February 2004 . . . we were a two-man team and blew the field away with a net-63, but all that’s a story for another day . . . he writes:


I had an old Swing Speed trainer that I received as a freebee at an AvidGolfer tournament and made some “timely” alterations.


Anyway, thought of you when I was doing this, definitely not PC, but one of my more creative ideas.  Thought you might enjoy the idea.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Basra Golf Course

Basra Golf Course a Hit With Deployed Soldiers

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Story by 1st Sgt. David Bennett


Basra Golf Course a Hit with Deployed Soldiers

CAMP BUCCA – From the air, the basic outline of Camp Bucca appears as most military forward operating bases in Iraq, except for nine fluttering white flags affixed to poles jutting from the ground.

The flags aren't tokens of surrender but they often elicit cries of frustration from those Soldiers who have thrown their best at this opponent, only to be repelled.

Master Sgt. Brian Franzen, platoon sergeant "D" Co., 132nd BSB, said it's just par for the course.