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Alt Courses?

In his view, the hype surrounding the build-out of golf courses in the 1990s through the mid-2000s, coupled with Tiger Woods's ascendance, spurred false hope. "I've always been skeptical that the number of golfers people talked about was real," he told me after the forum. Golf's failure to become a mass-market sport and the huge oversupply of courses have spun a pessimistic aura around the game. In 2013, for the eighth consecutive year, more 18-hole equivalent courses closed in the U.S. (157.5) than opened (14), according to the National Golf Foundation. Between 1986 and 2005, 4,500 net new courses were added.
Other explanations for golf's dwindling supply of players include increasing time pressure, two-earner families and the poor economy. Whatever the cause, golf in the last five years has lost 25% of its core players, defined as those who chalk up eight or more rounds annually, and 30% of those in the treasured 18- to 34-year-old demographic.

Celadna Golf Resort Prosper, CZ

They say: 

The New Course

Course two different characters. The first nine holes of the links work rather appearance with narrow fairways surrounded by vegetation, numerous bunkers, occasionally interspersed with their Scottish variant of the extensive and well-guarded Green sand and water hazards. Remotely it is possible to hear echoes of the island's courses on which to play the prestigious tournament as the British Open. Here, each punishable inaccuracy dangerously vinoucími bounds or water hazards and reward its opposite is then putting on the green, boasting a plethora of its vastness variant location well.
The back nine is more loosens the landscape and follows its original relief, which was masterfully used for planting engaging holes. Numerous lakes and ravines make this part of the course not only psychologically demanding, but also pleasing to the eye of the beholder, not only with golf developed optics. News and certainly a challenge for all golfers, hole No. redesign a completely new 15 hole par-C. 16 The impression of the whole course then enhanced by the final hole with a beautiful view of the clubhouse elegantly set in Beskydy Mountains with Lysa mountain in the back and a small lake, which is the latest challenge to golfers before their spočinutím in a stylish restaurant Golf. She then certainly allow a good meal and drink refreshment golf tired individuals not only in body but also in spirit.
6637M, Par 72, Slope 151