Thursday, June 27, 2013

Intersection of Law & Golf

"The golfer is responsible for making sure that other golfers are out of the way before they hit," said Robert Lang, a New York-based lawyer who has handled dozens of golf-related cases. "Yes, it's true they aren't responsible for hitting someone one or two holes away because they slice a ball, but if you're on the tee and someone is near the green of the hole you are aiming at and you hit that person, you're liable."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Korenc / Sokrates, Czech Republic

Par 72, 5524 Meters, Slope ~115
Not so difficult course, not so great condition, not so clever a layout.
Cold, Windy, Foggy conditions.
Shot 39-45 with a birdie . . . 
Back 9 is 270 meters longer than the front . . .
depressing to think that is difference between 39 & 45.

#1 over a ridge to a green that goes away from the fairway. Extra tall flag so you can see it from the fairway.

kind of dangerous with duffers around . . . #1 green is behind those trees, where a shank WILL GO.

Nice par3. uphill, but not too long. we both missed the green, only just, and still couldn't get up and down.

Hit my stride here . . . pound the drive, short iron in, 2 putt on the terrible bumpy greens.

Par 5 # 5. . . no real challenge.

Partner Mike almost drove the green -- on his 2nd tee shot . . . 1st was in the woods . . he parlayed that into a 7, then as we were leaving the hole we found his ball in that greenside bunker . . . he'd hooked it around the woods, like he was trying to do but the slope pushed it right where we never thot to look.

another slightly uphill par 3 . . . GIR, but 30 ft away . . . after missing 6 & 8 footers for birdie the last 4 holes, I was just trying to lag it close, and so it of course went in . . . over a giant tier-slope, bumpy irrigation holes, breaking about 7 ft left. Birdie.

very perplexing from the tee, not clear where to go.

Almost a  real golf hole . . . 8^) . . .

signature ornament . . .like some druid monument . . . maybe celtic . . . 

dog leg right . . . hung up in trees inside dogleg. missed the 1putt par.

agggh. putting has gone south. . . instead of tapin pars, now have scrambling bogies.

very troublesome tee shot . . . for the first timer, at least . . .chain of holding ponds perplex one, in addition to the blind landing area . . . I solved it by hooking into the next fairway, then powering an 8iron over the back of the green, then taking 4 to get up-and-down.

Easy Par.

#14, par 5, #1 handicap hole . . . I have no picture of the tee shot, which is perplexing because its one of those risk-reward thingys, with a row of traps guarding the landing area. Partner mike challenged them ,and wound up on top of the mound behind the traps . . . an awkward lie . . . I hit a fairway wood to lay up, then 5iron, craftily, into another fairway bunker . . . but, as I always say, bein' from West Texas, that don't bother me none: easily flew it onto the green with a wedge and 2 putted par.

nuthin little par 3 . . . we didn't get that close, but it didn't matter.

#17, bogey, just from being cold & tired.

#18 is a real golf hole. Partner mike challenged the hazards again, and just barely got over . . . but they got into my head and I foozled off the tee, more or less, for the first time today. Hit a good shot to the 100m marker, then pureed a 9iron over the green, to finish un-strongly with double-bogey.

no really remarkable holes, fun enough to play, but in clement weather would be even less of a challenge.
4 on the scottsdale standard.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creta Golf Club Front 9

5831 Meters, Par 71, Slope 145
A personal note, first: Cab from the hotel left me at the wrong place, 2 km away . . . so I had to hot-hoof it down the highway to the course to make my tee-time. I was pretty frosted when I got there . . . so I did not suffer the indignities of renting clubs well, 98Euros for Clubs, Cart, balls & tees . . ."Huh, i grumbled, like a drug dealer, the golf is almost free, but the extras are killer!" Golf Course cashier was not amused. I hope I was successful for getting the a-hole fired . . . I think he was the hotel clerks nephew or something 
MG=Missed Green
MB=Missed Birdie
Fn=Number of Foozles
Sort of tough 1st hole . . . Course is not that long, but very narrow . . . I mean it looks like a typical resort course on the card, but whew! Worried how I will do, since I'm wearing my bifocals, using rented Calloways, in high wind conditions on a hilly, narrow course I've never played before . . . first drive was a wind-cheating power fade, that I decided was as good as one could expect . . . had  a 8iron left to the green, uphill into the wind, but used a 9 . . . went so high I was boggled, and came up short. Pitched up 4 ft and missed it.
#2 is also short, but still scary . . . since you cant see the green. Mashed the drive again, fatted the wedge, pitched up on the green and missed the par, again.
#3 a longer par 4, back into the wind. Hammered a high bullet down the right side of the fairway -- very pleased -- leaving an 8iron that really flew thru the wind to the back of the green. 3putt bogey.
#4 is also mid-length, but severely downhill, with the first dogleg that makes it a blind landing . . . dang, all these seem like blind tee-shots. Maybe you could drive the green, but not high reward-risk, if you know what I mean. . . kept downshifting till I finally decided on 5iron . . .good choice, but pulled left just over a trap but still in the trap depression . . . hit another 9iron that flew even higher than the others from the uphill lie and fanned it so that it sliced into a greenside bunker. blasted out easily from the very firm sand, but it rolled off onto the fringe. . . 3 putt bogey
Par 5 with the wind, but pretty long, but I still tho't I might get there in two, but I pulled left rough, so that the trees on the inside of the 90 degree dogleg, so I hadda hit 8 iron to get back to the middle of the fairway in the dogleg, then another 9iron that came up short. couldn't get up and down, another bogey.
#6 is an intimidating par 3, but I was feeling confident and just lofted a 6iron and let the wind bring it back . . . landed on the front of the green and rolled right by the pin . . . onto the back fringe. par.
I was very pleased with the callaways, never played them before . . . really threw the ball high . . . After that pro shot I hadda photo them.

#7, an intimidating looking par 4, not too long, but #1 handicap hole. Tried to keep calm and smooth the drive, but instead smother hooked over the trash, short but safe . . . shanked a 4iron, pitched up on the green, missed the par.
#8 is a nuthin par 3, but I was worried about the strong tailwind, and I think I got confused between meterage and yardage . . . came up short of the green, right at the pin . . . chipped up not so well, short, but then made the 30ft putt.
#9 par 4 gets my nomination for hardest hole -- maybe just for a first-timer -- that tee shot felt very awkward to me . . . tiny landing area, unless you lay waaaaaay back pulled this tee-shot right again . . . into a rocky hill-side . . . my ball pin-balled back and forth on the rocky slope till it finally bounced back into the fairway. shaken, I foozled 2 shots trying to get onto the green without shanking, then took 4 shots to get into the hole. shudder.