Saturday, June 20, 2009

prvni tournaj, prvni misto

My first tournament in the Czech Republic: I intended to confound the Czech Bureacracy that had consigned me to the depths of Dufferdom with a 54 handicap by shooting a 90 in the tournament, thus netting a 36 for 18 holes . . . despite my lingering premonition that this might lead to unpleasantness -- I don't know what the penalty for sandbagging in CZ is, but I bet it's pretty severe! . . .8^D . . .
It didn't work out that way . . . I shot 54-49=103, so net 49, which isn't good enough for me to reckon I showed the Czech Golf Federation anything they didn't expect . . . 8^D . . . but I got 64 stableford points in the tournament which raised a few eyebrows in the clubhouse, and in the process of announcing my victory in the 3rd flight, they also announced my new handicap will be 31, which will move me into the B flight, which may have poured oil on any troubled waters. It was mostly the greens -- I don't think I had more'n two mis-hits -- they're just so-o-o-o-o-o slow they confound my attempts to adjust.
On #2 the first time around, I missed a 14 footer for birdie, then a 18incher for par; on #3 the first time around I scuffed my birdie putt trying to hammer it up onto the back ledge; on #4 the first time around I 3 putted from 60 feet after hitting past the hole 9 ft (I don't know why, but that green isn't is slow uphill as the others); on #8 the second time around I hit such a good shot the group waiting and watching on #9 tee applauded, but then I took 4 to get down from 15 ft away. Oh, I could go on-and-on, but I won't.
As they say, the conditions are the same for everyone (usually, tho' this year at the USOpen seems different . . . 8^D . . .) , so maybe the scores were high all around. Anyway, the 1st prize is very bounteous. . . an umbrella, a shirt, tees & ballmark tools, and a bohemian crystal trophy . . . when I tried to trade my umbrella for a Club Praha Golf Cap, the tournament director just gave me one, then gave me a second "in case I change my shirt colour" . . . 8^D . . .
dikuji moc, Club Praha,
miluji te!

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