Monday, November 8, 2010

Complimentary golf long ball champion videos, swing tips

Mr Science says . . .


I watched all 3 videos.  Nothing I didn't already know, deep down, but perhaps some help in implementing.




_____________________________________________________________________ and are pleased to introduce our member golfer/subscribers
to an invitation from Eric Jones, PGA Pro and World Long Drive Champion...Complimentary training videos




Everybody wants to hit the ball farther … including me.


I  asked my friend, World Long Ball Champion and PGA Pro Eric Jones if he could share some of his video tips with and Off the Fringe members/subscribers.

He has graciously accomodated..check them out, you will like them. I did.

Erice has some pretty interesting ideas to share about hitting it long.

How expert is he?

He's a PGA Pro with a Masters degree in Sport Psychology. And a World Long Drive Champion. I was just talking with him while he's at his 8th consecutive Long Drive Championship appearance in Mesquite, NV. He knows distance, and he knows the golf swing.

His name is Eric Jones, and he's put together some very informative videos on getting more distance. It'll be worth your time to watch them.

Click on this link to watch "Driving it Longer is a Skill, and You Can Learn It."

There are links to a couple more videos there as well for you to watch. You'll like them. And they're complimentary.

Check out the video on "Driving it longer is a Skill." If you leave a comment or question, he'll answer.

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PS - Almost forgot to mention - he's GIVING AWAY advance chapters of his forthcoming book "Strategic Golf: The 3 Keys to Scoring." Make sure you download these chapters before they go away on Monday. These are jewels!
Download here.


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