Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Augusta Changes

Illustrator Chris O'Riley drew up changes to Augusta National through the years for Golf Digest a few years back. He gave us permission to re-run some the illustrations.

We're going to use them to show you how the course has changed.

As a reminder of why the course was altered, here's Tim Rosaforte in 1997 describing Woods at Augusta National: "Woods reduced this once mighty track to an executive course. He was reaching the par 5s with wedges and driving it pin-high at the 360-yard third. All he did was go 18 under, set the tournament record, win by 12 strokes and turn Augusta into Indian Wells."

Woods was just the first of a generation of long hitters aided by improvements in technology. If Augusta wasn't made longer, the course would be a joke for pros.

The first changes in 2002 didn't really work. He won twice after those changes. The second changes in 2006 worked. He hasn't won since.

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