Monday, April 10, 2017

Masters Update

What the heck was Justin Rose doing 
on the 1st replay hole looking at his putt?
holding one finger up at the putt?
hindu chant?

i am so happy for SER-GI-O!

mr science explains . . . 

I didn't see it, but the new green-reading technique is called
aimpoint.  The idea is that no matter
where you are around the hole, there is a single point on the green at
which you need to aim the putt (where it would go if it were straight).
So, if that point is a foot north of 12 oçlock, then from 3:00 or 9:00
you play 1 foot of break, from 3 feet above the hole you hit it 2 feet,
and from 3 feet below the hole you hit it 4 feet.  Finding that point is
complex, but in aimpoint express you guess the slope of the green in
degrees, and if it's 1 degree you hold up 1 finger so that the hole is
on one side of your finger, and you hit the ball at a point on the other
side.  If you think it's 2 degrees, you hold up 2 fingers, etc. On fast
greens you can't have more than about 2 degrees of slope at the pin, or
the ball won't stop.