Monday, November 30, 2009

2 Birdies, 2 PBFUs for Kvjetaaak

K-taak reports on his round at Golf Club Praha by himself . . .


#1 PAR4

Starting from the plastic tee area without proper wooden tee. Being here with my friend that is fully supporting my golf career but never been on the course in his life. My partner for that day was a person that was HCP 15 (I really doubt) and was not talkative at all; boring flight not like with Pukka!

Straight shot (very surprising in my case) and ball end up in middle of the slope and fairway. This is where it get’s complicated as my position was in middle of the hill and I had to play on the other hill to the green; I never know what club should I use. As usual when I don’t know what to do I decided for 7 iron. Probably golf god was looking after me that day and I made it with my 7 iron to the green; 3 or 4 feet down from the hole; for many golf players easy uphill putt. I took my putter with my hand shaking and try to investigate the best way forward (my HCP 15 flight partner was on the green with 6th stroke). Finally I closed my eyes and made the putt into the hole.

My first 4PAR Birdie ever!

With strong confidence I moved to #2 PAR 4 where I played 9; continuing to #3 PAR3 where I played some beach golf and end up with 5. #4 PAR5 3 wood into the fairway, 3 wood over the road and finally last stroke with 3 wood into the green; finishing with 7 after damn 4 putt.

#5 PAR3 I played with my 6 iron and made it into the green at once. Saved PAR after 2 putt.

#6 PAR4 3 wood from the tee into the woods; 2 strokes to get off there another 3 to get to the green and standard 2 putt.

#7 PAR4 I really hate this hole (Pukka knows what I am talking about). Made the drive with my 3 wood (yes, 3 wood all the time as my driver is broken again J) and saw it flying closer to the left (save) side of the fairway. In fact it hit the trees on the left and luckily for me bounce back into the middle of the fairway. That was again very surprising for me and same as on #1 I was wondering which club to choose as I’ve never been in such good position on this hole; same decision of 7 iron. Coming little bit too short but down the hill and made it onto the green; very close to the hole. Easy putt and my second Birdie on PAR4 hole.

#8 PAR3 Gr8 shot with 6 iron right into the middle of the green. 10 feet put down the slope. I knew it must been an very easy one as the green on #8 is the most complicated in GCP. Played the first putt; missed the hole by half inch and stand looking at the ball rolling down the slope off the green. Second putt was too short and was it a comebacker but completely of the green. I switched from putter to my Sand wedge an chipped that back but coming too short and suffer by comebacker again. 3 following putts and I were done with #8.

#9 PAR5 was my standard with 7 strokes; only I missed the green and was playing to the green #2 that is right next to it and almost killed Mrs.Unger with my ball.


So this was probably my best round and at the same time one of the worst. But at least I know how it feels to Birdie two PAR4 holes.


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