Saturday, March 19, 2011

RR Donnelly Founders Cup, Day 1

Mr Science Reports:

The LPGA is at the Widlfire GC at the Marriott Resort at Desert Ridge.  There are two courses there, the Palmer Course and the Faldo Course, and they're using 9 holes of each for the tournament.  Not because they chose those holes, but to have a compact location for the tournament, because the two front nines are across the road and these two start and end near the clubhouse.  The LPGA commissioner says this tournament will likely be somewhere else next year, but he promises another one for Phoenix, as there are other sponsors interested. 
I kept score today for 
Aree Song 
Louise Friberg  Nicole Hage

Nicole shot 78, and Louise had 77.  Both had a good time, though, and were smiling near the end, although I think Nicole might have said a bad word on #5, after her second unplayable lie on that hole.  But, they're playing all for charity this week, no prize money, so it's a bit less stressful than normal.

Nicole plays a pronounced draw on most of her full shots, and it was out of control today.  (She reminded me of Cactus Dave's game that way.)  It may be out of control most of the time, because her career earnings are just under $25,000 after two years on tour.  Sometimes the draw turned into an uncontrolled hook, and she spent a lot of time in the left rough, or the fairway bunker, or a hazard.  Other times it went straight, and so she also spent time in the right rough, or fairway bunker, or, as on #5, in a wash.  

I told her caddy she needed to get control of her hook, and he said if he knew how to do that he wouldn't tell her, he'd be out here playing himself.  

I really think she could benefit from a close relationship with a good teacher.  On #8, our 17th hole, she hit her drive in the left rough, in dormant bermuda grass, with a good lie.  There's a lake to the right of the green, and the pin was on the right.  She hit the shot out toward the water, and cried out in anguish, but with a little draw, and a little wind, and a good bounce, it ended up on the green, about 12 feet.  She laughed and said "I didn't mean to do that", and I said "Yeah, but it was exciting!"  She made the birdie putt, and I gave her a fist bump.  

I hope she finds someone who can help with that hook.

Aree had a better game:  5 birdies, scattered around, and 13 pars.  I'd have to say it was the most boring 67 I've ever seen.    By contrast, Angela Stanford is leading the tournament with a 66, including a double bogey on 8 and an eagle 2 on 9.   Aree had 9 missed birdie putts, the most in the group.  14 GIR and 4 fringies.  I don't think she carries a wedge.  She hit 10 of 14 fairways, and her misses were all within a couple of feet, never off the overseed.