Sunday, March 20, 2011

RR Donnelly Founder's Cup - Day 2

Mr Science Reports, again . . .

I kept score today for

Karen Stupples 

Wee-Won Han 

Song Yi Choi 

All of them were over par yesterday.  Hee-Won started out with birdies on the first two holes, but followed with bogies on the next two, and shot 73.  Karen had 74, with a 3-putt par and a lot of makeable birdie putts that she didn't make.  Song Yi had a very hard day, 79, missing a lot of very short putts.  Karen got her name on TV today, first on the list of "notables missing the cut".  Otherwise, it was another day of no TV for me or my group. 

My assistant standard bearer was Hanna Kyoto Atkins.  Her first name is pronounced hah-nah, like the Road to Hanna on Maui.  Her father traveled a lot, and named her after two of his favorite places.  She lives in Goodyear, in Estrella Mountain Ranch.  She's 13, and shoots in the 70's.  She plays a fade, but can work the ball both ways.  She won't be at the tournament tomorrow because she's playing in an inter-club match for Moon Valley CC, where the LPGA tournament used to be held before it went to Superstition Mountain, and where Annika shot her 59.  I'm telling you all this so you'll recognize her in 5 years, when she's on Tour.

Karen is a delight to be with.  She has a criss-cross of tape on her right knee, because of some cartilage problems.  Hanna asked her about it while two groups were waiting on the 5th tee (someone else in the wash, taking unplayable lies and calling for rulings), and Karen said it was rough where it was supposed to be smooth, and let Hanna touch her knee while she flexed it.  Hanna squealed, like only a 13-year-old girl can do, and said "ooh, yuch!", or something to that effect.  Karen alllowed as how Hanna probably didn't expect to get
 that up close and personal with the players today.

After the round, I go into the scorer's tent with the players, and I check their scores as I have recorded them while the marker reads them to the player.  Hee-Won started out reading Song Yi's scores.  In Korean.  When she finished, Song Yi indicated that she agreed, and I said "Right", indicating my agreement as well.