Thursday, November 3, 2011

Golf Club Telc, Moravia, Czech Republic
6252M (~6800 Yds), par 72, Slope 132

#1 is or was-for-me-that-day a tough starting hole. Uphill. Mid-irons were not working, all day, so 3 to the green. . . then 2 putts: 1 grinder then one 1-hander (being good to myself, a gimme, no matter how far)

#2, more of the same.

#3 like #1 on one of the courses at Novy Amerika . . . tight off the tee, but wide open beyond . . . at least it was downhill . . . sliced the bejezus out of it, but it was short of the water in long, wet rough, behind those bushy trees . . . so my 9iron came up short . . . not a chunk, per se, but ineffective, nonetheless.

#4 is an attractive par 3 . . .not too much too it, but that green is very contortured. Flared a 4iron right, pitched right at the hole, but it rolled off 20ft. 2putt bogey.

#5 another tight, uphill driving hole that mitigates the short distance on the scorecard . . . my solid drive was pulled left enough to hit that rightmost tree on the left solid, leaving me in jail. Punched a 3iron up to the top, basically just a safety, wedge the green, 2 putt bogey.

#6 is a nuthin hole. . . I musta played indifferently. . . don't remember a thing.

#7 is a nuthin hole, but I had a 1putt par, mainly because it's downhill, I guess.

#8 is somethin . . . a very short risk-reward par4 . . . I just-didn't catch the ball in the screws, but it was very straight . . . wound up on the fringe of the green, but no up and down . . . the birdie putt bounced off the hole.

#9 another risk-reward proposition, par 5. After going thru my checklist, I just went ahead by my book and hit my tee shot over the creek 205m away . . . if I hit that shot on #8 I'm over the green, but I had a simple birdie from there. . . or shudda . . . mangled a fairway wood and short iron, 2 putt bogey 

#10 nuthin' medium length straight, slightly downhill par 4. I am perfectly at peace with my mediocrity now, bogeys are fine.

#11, yeh, fine . .. hah . . . I came over the top and hooked my 5wood 40m left of the green. . . rough was tough . . . chunk, chunk, putt, putt, double bogey.

#12 is an awful little par4... oddly enough, I love it because it looks like some of the holes I have designed in my JN6 game, where the dogleg cants to the outside, unlike a velodrome. My drive wound up just over that trap on the right, on the downhill slope from the bunker... so my midiron didn't get more distance, it got less . . . kinda uphill from there, maybe that's why. Wedge, putt, putt, bogey.

#13 nuthin par5, straight, flat. Hard to remember it at all. I DO remember suddenly remembering to use my legs / lowerbody on the 8iron approach to the green, which I hit solid, but blocked over the right side of the green into the fringe. Bogey.

#14 had me lickin' my chops again . . . figgerin' now that I had remembered some basic technique my irons would be solid and accurate. So I hit my patented half-driver high over the telephone pole into the marshy fairway short of the two hazards . . . driver was so straight today most of the time, it's a measure of how bad the rest of my game is I wasn't even par. I hunted around for a dry place to take relief from the casual water, then put my newly remembered quality swing on a short iron, and blocked it right again pin-high. Chip-putt-putt bogey. Sigh.

#15 is kinda of mirror image to #12, dogleft right instead of left, and a little flatter, without the cant . . . but the dogleg is a little sharper . . . was another weak mid-iron, wedge, putt-putt for bogey. pfffftthhhht.

#16 simple par 3 with another tiered green and a big hole where it looks like maybe they will add a bunker?

#17 ?

#18 is another risk/reward connundrum . . . the fairway doglegs almost 90o left once you get across a little creek 200m down the fairway, so I just concentrated on getting over, and flared my drive right of center... still in the fairway, but instead of a 7iron, if you just challenge the corner the tiniest bit, I had a 3iron . . . foozle, chunk, pitch, putt, putt. finishing strong with a double bogey 
. . . I was in a hurry . . . we wanted to get to Mikulov and look around there.

So, there's some very nice holes here: #3, 4, 5, 8, & 9 make a very interesting front 9 with some breather-holes mixed in, very fair . . .and #s 12, 14, 15, & 18 almost make the Back9 as good . . .I'm not sure that it would be that interesting after a few iterations, but for the first timer, unsure of the meterages and the blind shots, it's a test for sure. . . I do think the turf could be conditioned with some sand, the mounding around the greens is a little inept, architecturally (too small, too ugly, and ineffectively irrelevant to play, if you see how I mean).

But the resort is cool, with a 2lane bowling alley, tennis courts, and an indoor swimming pool. It's just picturesque as all get out, bein' an old mill and all, and there's art objects all over the property . . . all in all, a 3 on the Scottsdale scale, worth a visit and even re-visits.