Friday, July 17, 2009

a Divine Line Rossie I . . .

crikey, I hope it's not a ladies putter . .. the handle is white . . .

I just went thru the rack of putters at GolfProfi heuristically weighting them . . . this was actually the 2nd heaviest . . . the heaviest looked like my slazenger, and felt ok when I practiced with it, but I'd already fallen in love with the way the Odyssey looked from above.

Played with it the day I bought it, and did putt much better, but the rest of my game was so awful, it made no difference . . . I kept slicing everything and coming up out of my kokopelli crouch . . . on the last hole I realized it was because my grip was very weak, rather than the very strong I usually use . . . so, armed with these factors, I am going into tomorrow's tournament very confident:

  • new putter, heavier
  • knowledge that yardage is to the front not the middle of the green
  • 27 handicap, at least 10 strokes higher than my vanity would admit

I ought to break 90.

I ought to par the par 5s.

I ought to birdie the par3s and a couple of 4s.

I ought to have no blow-up holes.

Uvidime se v Sobota Touraj!

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