Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heavier Putters for Faster Greens

Although it may appear radical to use such a hefty flat stick on lightning-fast tour greens, the concept is simple. Troy Matteson, who used a Heavy Putter A1 in winning last year's Frys.com Open, is a believer. "To putt well--especially for the average golfer--the most important thing is speed," he said. "A heavier putter makes you use bigger muscles instead of smaller muscles. That produces a consistent path and a better tempo. Some people think, รข€˜This is so out of the norm.' Well, sometimes you gotta get a little crazy."

For years the conventional wisdom was that players should use a light putter on fast greens and a heavier putter on slower ones. Chris Couch, however, doesn't buy that thinking.

"It's the opposite, really," said Couch, who uses a 355-gram Ping JAS Craz-E One. "With a heavier putter you can swing slower, and the ball still comes off with a lot of speed. More guys are using heavier putterheads and having success."

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